Hall Rentals

The Brooklawn Fire Company is pleased to offer our hall for rent. The hall is ideal for small to medium affairs up to 128 people. Either round or long tables are available, each seating 8 people and can be used effectively to include a medium size dance area with either live music or a DJ. We offer a full function Kitchen that can be used for food preparation by either you or the caterer of your choice.
The hall is available for 5 hours with additional access for decorations or other required setup before the function starts. While the fire company provides for the basic setup, you are welcome to change the layout to accommodate your requirements. You are responsible for any decorations, table covers (required) and entertainment equipment or catering setup. We ask that all events end no later then 11:00 pm although other arrangements can be made. The cost is $450 and is payable in full one week before your event. There is also a required $100 security deposit to confirm the date. This deposit is fully refundable pending the hall is returned in the same condition it was at start of the function. With the approval of the fire company the refund will be issued on the second Tuesday of the month following your event. For additional information or questions please contact us at 856-419-7692 or click HERE to send the rental committee an email

This group of photos shows the hall setup for a birthday party. The seating is for 80 people using long tables, an area for a DJ, a buffet table and a dance floor

The Kitchen includes 2 refrigerators, an 8 burner stove with 2 ovens, 2 deep sinks, a work area and a serving window that can be closed off for privacy